kamala harris waving memes


'Kamala Harris Waving' Video Has Morphed Into A Perfectly Relatable Meme

California Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris is receiving the royal meme treatment after Tuesday's pro-union rally in Detroit. The meme utilizes a clip of the Senator waving goodbye to supporters and then placing her hand on her heart. The cheesy video quickly went viral on Twitter after @kbyrd2 tweeted the video with the caption "When he was a true sweetheart but you won't be inviting him back over 👋🏽."

Other Twitter users quickly followed suit, some sticking with political messages, while others went a more immature route (my balls to my jizz.) The meme has proven to be extremely versatile, and that corny video has yet to get old. Here are our favorite iterations of the meme so far. 

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