16 of Tuesday's Funniest Memes

Dive into Tuesday with some hilarious memes!

 Want more memey goodness in the form of Tuesday Memes? You already read too far. Stop reading right now, turn around, go back to whence you came, and click.

Did you hear about the guy who got is left side cut off? He's all right now. Like that? Check out some more terrible Tuesday puns that will have your eyes rolling and laughter free flowing.

And if you really want to Tuesday it up in this MF, then these Savage AF Tuesday memes are just the thing for you. Or, simply acknowledge that you have spent entirely too much time on this page. Time to move on. Swipe left. Go get a job. 

Tuesday worth of funny memes about being vegan, drinking, dating, relationships, fidget spinners, high school, Star Wars, Hanson, golf, television, tv, weed, trailer park boys, kim kardashian, naps, cars, license plates.
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