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Disney's Creepy Trump Robot Is Getting Roasted To A Crisp On Twitter

Disney unveiled their strangely creepy Donald Trump robot today at the Hall of Presidents in Orlando's Magic Kingdom. The President's robot, which is posed as though in a speaking role, is getting a lot of Twitter attention for looking like people other than Donald Trump. To most Twitter users, the robot most noticeably resembles actor Jon Voight. Others believe Disney was rooting for Hillary all along, and decided to re-purpose a preemptive Hillary robot. Whatever your opinion on the AI specimen, we just hope your nightmares are kept to a minimum. 

But whatever you think about the potential AI body doubles, Some wacky conspiracies have gone way too far. A simple slip of the smartphone keyboard led to the epic memefied word known to some as "covfefe". But her husband takes the cake with some of the most terrific memes around. Who could forget Trump's and Merkel's staredown at the G7? I wish I could, #awks

Funny list of reactions to Donald Trump robot at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Hall of Presidents.
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