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Jared Kushner's Deterioration Inspires Hilarious Twitter Scrutiny

Let's face it: Donald Trump's son-in-law and Senior Advisor Jared Kushner doesn't have many fans. The newspaper publisher and real estate investor has been at the heart of conflict-of-interest controversy since as early as 2017. Right now, however, most of the negative attention towards the dude is based on his appearance. Twitter user @calleread saw an old photo of Ivanka's husband and was stunned by his apparent deterioration. She uploaded a photo comparing the old Kushner to the new and decidedly not-improved Kushner and other users were quick to theorize what had happened. From Botox to horcruxes, the theories are pretty hilarious. Especially if you're a Kushner-hater yourself. 

Funny tweets about Jared Kushner aging poorly, plastic surgery, twitter memes | Calle @calleread saw an old pic Jared Kushner and now completely freaked out happened his face? DoN MECHANIC 7:28 PM 4/12/20 Twitter iPhone | Chase Thomas @ChaseThomas89 Replying calleread 7:29 PM 4/13/20 Salt Lake City, UT Twitter iPhone Voldemort
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