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IHOP Just Changed Its Name And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Humans have a tendency to take things for granted, and now we can add IHOP to the list of things we should have appreciated while we had the chance. The pancake flippin' breakfast chain is making waves after coyly announcing they would be changing their name to "IHOB." The chain has remained very purposefully mum on the reasoning behind the switch. Naturally, they've both caused (and encouraged) speculation. 

While people and brands took to Twitter to figure out what the 'b' stands for, a couple people have claimed to have intel on the matter. It seems the 'b' may stand for 'burger.' If that's the case, it would seem that the world is abuzz over something that is actually quite anticlimactic - IHOP has been serving burgers for a very long time. We're hoping for something cooler, like BLOOD, or BOOBS. What's your money on?

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