Painfully Relatable Jack-O-Lanterns Are Spooky AF (24 Tweets)

The entire internet seems to be leaning into "Spooktober" this year, and the phenomenon is creating some freakishly relatable content. Creative marketing agency Article Group has gotten in on the fun by tweeting some blank Jack-O-Lantern templates with the following caption: 

"What's a terrifying thing from your everyday life you'd write on a "painfully relatable jack-o-lantern"? Write your answer on one of these pumpkins. Winner gets a trophy!"

Their followers gleefully obliged. Their contributions are mostly work-related, but some of them are the kind of shudder-worthy experiences that leave us filled with dread. Example: being left on read for three hours. We've put together a selection of our favorites, but you can take on the whole thread right here

Funny tweets to ARticle group about painfully relatable jack-o-lanterns.
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Spoopy of The Day: This Giant Inflatable Pumpkin is Wrecking Havoc on Arizona
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Citizens of Peoria, Arizona: Run, hide, take cover!

A 25-foot-tall, 350-pound orange jack-o'-lantern came unleashed today from the depths of Hell and barreled through traffic before meeting a quick death in a local park.

The giant monstrosity is owned by Big AZ Promotions. A representative from the company said strong winds must have caused straps holding the pumpkin down to break.

Right, Big AZ Promotions. If you say so.

You won't convince anyone that this enormous pumpkin wasn't filled with the spirit of 10,000 demonic creatures.