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33 Scathing Comments From Italians Mad At Food

Italians being obsessed with food may seem like a stereotype. Mothers and 'Nonnas' shoveling pasta and cured meat down your throat at Sunday dinner. Gabbagool. People screaming 'mangia'. It all seems a bit like a trope. While we can't speak to Italians being preoccupied by the art of eating, we are sure of one thing: Italians get extremely angry when they feel you've bastardized their cuisine. The now-defunct Twitter account 'Italians Mad At Food' (@ItalianComments) is proof of that. Even though there hasn't been a fresh tweet since about a year ago, it's an incredible archive of scathing and dramatic commentary geared at stuff like pineapple pizza and creamy Alfredo sauces. The comments don't come with much context. But their furious flourish makes them entertaining all on their own. 

Funny comments from Italians who are mad about how people try to make italian food. | gravilo pricip 1 day ago (edited) Che cazzo There's no tomato's bolognese porco Americano WTF vinegar are barberian Cream Why do Americans bastardize every pure and holy and make shit Va Vaculo ti,schivo figlio di putana should flag this video mockery culture REPLY 1 reply | Marco Stefanoni Xenia McKitrick 's not just about boiling water at beginning, every single thing this video 's wrong While they were shoot
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