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Ironic Pickle Rick Posting Is Taking Over Meme Pages

While sometimes we wish we could forget the Pickle Rick craze of 2016 and 2017, the sad fact of the matter is that we cannot. The fandom made using the internet brutal. The impressions. The fawning. We wanted it all to go away. And it pretty much did. 

Until February. 

While this does sound sinister, the sudden appearance of Pickle Rick memes has not been unwelcome. The difference this year is that these memes have not been made by Rick and Morty fanatics. These memes are being made by ironic shitposters. The shitposts in question follow the same general format: a person, or character, is intently telling another person/character about the premise of the show's Pickle Rick episode. And they're telling it like it's the funniest shit in the world. The memes are absolutely ridiculous. And we absolutely love them. We've put together some of our favorite examples, but you can read more about the meme and see more tasty shitposts over at Know Your Meme.

Funny memes about pickle rick, ironic | cartoon drawing 2pac explaining to a child: SO ITS ABOUT THIS SCIENTIST NAMED RICK AND HE TURNS HIMSELF INTO PICKLE, HE BECOMES PICKLE RICK | seen things people wouldn't believe. chumanity gone26 watched man. turned himself into pickle.
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