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Fascinating Thread Explains The Different Kinds Of Inner Monologues People Have

Well this is a fascinating tidbit that we'd certainly never considered before; people have different types of inner monologues, according to this shocked Imgur user. Some people hear full-on sentences and words, while others have more fragmented or abstract thoughts. Which camp are you in? 

If you're a total psychology geek and want to read about some interesting psych experiments, check out Fail Blog!

Interesting Imgur thread and tweets about how people have different kinds of internal monologues | do read without saying words brain. Be descriptive please can say them my head, like can read myself silently obviously but reading there are key words each sentence can see and 's can retain can straight up look at myself mirror and have full blown telepathic conversation with myself. Can not do Nooo0o If need have convo with myself mirror have out loud can't do my head Okay good night. Life is no
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