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'Instagram vs. Reality' Memes Show How Damn Fake People Are On Social Media

Look, we get it - sometimes you gotta photoshop that huge zit out of your otherwise perfect Instagram pic...or maybe your nose is looking a little too big from that angle...and hey, perhaps your butt needs to be a little bigger ...oh, and maybe your makeup doesn't quite look "flawless" enough. 

Okay, so maybe the photoshop and Facetune goes a little too far sometimes. It's mostly all fun and games until you start altering absolutely everything about the photo and masquerade behind the facade of being "all-natural." 

These "Instagram vs. Reality" memes exemplify the absolute ridiculousness that some people will go through to perfect their image on social media! 

'Instagram vs. Reality' meme | 'Instagram vs. Reality' meme - Trisha Paytas | Woman - R
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