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Vornado's 'Penn15' Tower Brings Out Twitter's Inner 12 Year Old

Good news for immature people: A new iteration of New York City's Hotel Pennsylvania redevelopment has once again brought attention to the skyscraper's exceedingly ridiculous name. the proposed skyscraper's name, Penn15, was announced this time last year.  But the moniker, which hearkens back to middle school penis humor, is just now receiving a lot of mischievous attention after an incredulous tweet from Noah Hurowitz went viral. 

Most of the social media response comes from people who were definitely in the "Pen15 club." And they can't believe that Vornado Realty Trust's marketing team - or the architects - would be so daft to name the phallic tower after, well, a phallus. For all we know this is all an elaborate marketing scheme to draw attention the the behemoth. But we're still enjoying the laughs.

Funny twitter meme / tweets about Vornado Real Estate Trust naming their Hotel Pennsylvania redevelopment Penn15, pen15 club, penis | Noah Hurowitz O @NoahHurowitz sorry named phallic monument excess inlinc Vornado's 'Penn15' Redevelopment Hotel Pennsylvania Once Again Re-Imagined Ne | Toss Coin Witcher @favabean05 Please god don't name this Penn15 my 14 year old sense humor can't handle Hannah @h_thoreson 10h This is cool design building but hope they can come up with better
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