im going to hell


Cringey Notre Dame Tweet About God Is Getting Singed By Heathens Who Are Definitely Going To Hell

You're all probably well aware of the monumental fire that scorched the historic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday. Clearly this was a terrible tragedy and the aftermath of it will likely take years to fully restore. That of course hasn't stopped ruthless memers everywhere from doing what they do best...

Most recently, people have been making fun of a viral tweet by Kaylee Crain, who tweeted a photo of an unscathed cross and altar in the cathedral aftermath, challenging those who still do not believe in God to justify themselves. People have been pointing out to Ms. Crain that the cross is made out of metal, which has a higher melting point than wood. 

Have these toasty memes and tweets gone too far? We'll let you be the judge of that because we're just here to witness the dumpster fire (sorry, too soon, we know).

cross surviving notre dame fire
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