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Twitter Reacts To AOC's Smash-Hit Among Us Twitch Stream

Last night Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hosted her debut Twitch stream of an epic Among Us session with some popular streamers, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, Pokimane, DrLupo, HasanAbi, Disguised Toast, Corpse, and more. The stream peaked at 430k views, making it the third most-watched Twitch stream ever after Ninja and Shroud. Bernie Sanders' and Donald Trump's streams didn't even come close. 

Twitter was largely smitten with AOC and her genuine enjoyment of the game. After a first round of getting a feel for it, she quickly proved she was a natural. Of course, the spectacle wasn't just about fun and games. AOC took the opportunity to talk about healthcare and encourage the audience to vote (she is a politician, after all). Many on Twitter found the stream to be a refreshing new take on a political rally that managed to avoid feeling too contrived or cringe. A few meme-minded tweeters did their thing and photoshopped AOC into some less wholesome gameplay, including a certain infamous PewDiePie moment. We've collected some of the top Twitter highlights and reactions to the viral stream.

Funny Tweets, Funny Memes, Twitter, Twitch Stream, Politics, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Among Us, Video Games | Custom Settings Map: The Skeld # Impostors: 2 Impostor Confirm Ejects: Off Emergency Meetings: 1 Anonymous Votes: Off Emergeocy Cooldown: 20s Discussion Time: 15s MY8h SIIhÅn s Voting Time: 90s Player Speed' 1.25x Crewmate Vision: 0.5x Impostor Vision: 1.5x Kill Cooldown: 22.5s Kill Distance: Short Task Bar Meetings Visual Tasks: Off # Common Tasks: O hasanabi maia•— Lupo Toast # Long
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