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High Maintenance Cheapskate Expects Dog Sitter To Work For Pennies

It's truly amazing how the world's most difficult and high maintenance people expect the world yet aren't willing to pay a fair price for their high standards. This is definitely the case in the following text exchange between a dog sitter and a prospective customer. 

It seems that Junie's owner thinks she is doing a favor paying $110 for a week of dog sitting - while expecting the dog sitter to be with the dog 90% of the time. And administering complicated medication. The texts are absolutely infuriating, especially when it becomes clear that the prima donna isn't getting what she wants. Don't be like Junie's dog mom. Treat people with respect. Most of the comments on the poor dog sitter's post agree with us. 

Entitled woman tries to get away with paying dog sitter next to nothing.
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