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Dude's Cringe-Inducing Tweet About His 'High IQ' Gets Roasted

Twitter user Jason Richard Levy tried to slide into fellow Twitter user The Frenchiest Fry's DMs and ended up getting totally shut down in the process. He then made matters even worse by replying to a tweet she wrote about being single with a whole bunch of cringey selfies and a tweet about his "high IQ." Let the roasting commence.

We just really hope that this guy is joking and doesn't really lack this much self-awareness...

Funny Twitter thread mocking a guy who claims to have a high IQ | MrlasonLevy Replying @twosimpleideas and @seastarjay have an IQ high 130s. Tread fucking lightly with tone would be my subordinate ANY situation Be thankful found this girl and don't let her be alone any longer. She shouldn't be alone. None these women should be alone. Pick a card very fucking carefully will guess EVERY time Be thankful found this girl and don't deprive her magic any longer. She shouldn't live without magic None
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