Coronavirus Parody Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Serves Up Some Much Needed Humor

It's important to try to keep a sense of humor during dark times. And we intend to help y'all do just that. While some people are tweeting sobering (but helpful) information about the Coronavirus outbreak, others are doing us all a great service by making us laugh. Comedian Dana Bein is one such Twitter user. While "losing his mind" over current events, Bein wrote a hilarious parody of Queens 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' The masterpiece touches on hand washing, anxiety, and even masturbation. Give him a follow if you like his work. We're going to need all the parodies we can get.

Funny coronavirus parody of bohemian rhapsody, covid-19, dana jay bein, tweets, twitter, funny tweets | Dana Jay Bein DJB danajaybein lost my mind wrote Coronavirus Rhapsody: Is this sore throat? Is this just allergies? Caught lockdown No escape reality. 12:02 PM 3/18/20 TweetDeck | mama, just killed man didn't stay inside bed walked by him, now he's dead mama, life so much fun but now l've caught this unforgiving plague
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