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Giuseppe Stromboli Memes Put An Italian Twist On Harry Potter

It feels like Twitter's been talking about JK Rowling for weeks now, but we're happy to report that the latest buzz has nothing to do with her upsetting transphobic views or tweets. Instead, the flood of memes about "Giuseppe Stromboli" are the result of a hilarious fake Twitter exchange between @MNateShyamalan and the "author" of the beloved Harry Potter books.  The Twitter user claims that Rowling had given him the power to make changes in the Wizarding World. The screen shot of the "conversation" with the author indicates her horror at the fact that he'd changed Potter's name to "Giuseppe Stromboli." Twitter seems to love an Italian joke, and made quick work of flooding the site with Stromboli/Potterverse memes. Here are our favorites.

Funny twitter meme about giuseppe stromboli, harry potter, jk rowling | macaw @njhollander Replying MNateShyamalan dumbledore asking giuseppe stromboli if he put his name goblet fire LOUD ITALIAN NOISES "EY PIZZA MAMA" ETC 4:31 PM 7/9/20 Twitter Android Pink Guy | CIUSSEME STROMBOL AND GOBLET VINO
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