'Hamptons Ho' Twitter Thread Excites With Mysterious Money & Movie-Worthy Hilarity

Twitter user Jaime Primak caused quite a stir on the social media platform after tweeting a twisty and saucy thread yesterday. The saga begins with an introduction to her friend who lives in the Hamptons: 

From there, things get a bit crazier. While the 20 year old was (thankfully) not doing anything seriously criminal, it appears he had caught the attention of some wealthy Hamptons women, and had saved the money earned during, well, intimate encounters with the cougars in question. The thread has gone viral, and people have a lot of opinions about it. Some people think it's fake. Others think the young man's parents are stealing from him. There are also people who think the entire thread is invasive and unethical. We think it's a much-needed chuckle during a dark time. You can read below and decide for yourself.

funny twitter thread about 20 year old whose mom found 100k in his bedroom, turns out he was having sex with older women for money, twitter reactions, viral tweet, the hamptons, new york, rich people | Jaime Primak O @JaimePrimak Y'all My girlfriend lives Hamptons and her 20 year old son has been living with them since March (covid) he's Junior going back school. She cleaning his room and found ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS cash | They went through whole must be drugs" or "he must have stolen But
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