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Millennials Are Getting Blamed For Bringing 'Ghosting' To The Workplace

In today's installment of Millennials are Ruining Everything Good in the World, we're looking at Generation Y's impact on the workforce. You're probably aware of what ghosting is by now, but in case you're a fortunate soul who isn't, it's the dating trend of completely vanishing on someone you were seeing without giving them a proper breakup or explanation in order to avoid confrontation. If you haven't experienced being ghosted before, then you can't possibly know how horrible it feels. 

Well, as it turns out, according to several news sources Millennials are bringing this practice to the working world by not showing to interviews, not showing up to the first day of work, or quitting without notice. Millennials are fighting back against this assertion on Twitter, and you can read on below to see what they're saying about it.

What do you think about "ghosting" in the workplace? Is it completely fair? Or should employees start being more polite with regard to departure from their employers? Let us know!

millennials ghosting at work
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