ghent altarpiece


Sixteen Reaction Memes Inspired By The Restoration Of The Ghent Altarpiece Lamb

God bless the artists who attempt to restore classic works, such as our favorite Ecce Homo that we all know and love to mock. Can't say they didn't try! 

However, we have to admit that while this particular restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece lamb isn't technically artistically bad, it's still creepy-looking and kind of misses the mark. But at least we get some good memes out of it!

Funny dank memes and tweets about the restored Ghent Altarpiece lamb restoration | tweet by GoingMedieval Therapist uncovered face Lamb God Ghent Altarpiece isn't real can't hurt uncovered face Lamb God Ghent Altarpiece. derek zoolander blue steel
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