Italian Has A Plethora Of Slang For Genitalia, According To This Amusing Tumblr Thread

If you want to learn Italian and you desire to be able to converse with the young people, you better start practicing up on your slang words for vagina, because let us tell you - there are a LOT of them. Like, more than we can even count, and they're all dependent on the region according to this ridiculous Tumblr thread. Good luck.

Funny Tumblr thread about different ways to say the word 'vagina' in Italian | map of italy himbocloud scheide scham sacapel sbanzega börtola frice panole folpa mona sbarzitla zinforgna barbisa barbigia nateua Yuinera pota tchergnapicioca bernarda mona borma brügna figa fritulà fiora sepa pataracia bregna Turba bigioia neira passera bartagna stessa brugna obinna tegia patafiocca patacca pisaia ciornia belan ghersa thussa tacc petalussa apettera mozza lallera pasarina fi' potta Cicalaastagncchia
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