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20 Funny Signs & Clever Vandalisms

Vandalizing a sign or advertisement to change its meaning is a lot like making a meme if you think about it. That's why we can't get enough of the pictures people share on r/MildlyVandalised. How tempting is it to add a few extra words to a patronizing sign in your apartment building's laundry room, or put googly eyes on every ad you walk by? If you've ever had these urges, you can live vicariously through these clever tricksters. 

funny memes, memes, funny signs, vandalism, funny vandalism, funny graffiti, funny, reddit, clever, funny pics | LOST GOLD RING Simple gold band with cutouts my family four generations If found please contact Nice Try, Sauron. | two guys covering part of the word sin to make a sign say HOMO SEX IS IN
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