funny scottish tweets


Hilariously Hard-To-Understand Scottish Tweets

Twitter is an incredible goldmine of entertainment. We love sharing the seemingly endless supply of amusing tidbits that users pump out every day. But there will always be a special place in our hearts for the near-indecipherable humor of Scottish Twitter. These tweets may take a few reads for you to understand, but they're jam-packed with irony, sarcasm, and top-notch observational humor. The phonetic brogue just makes 'em even better.

Funny scottish twitter gems, scottish tweets, funny tweets | @Boyle_67 2 d. X Auld man came hame pished he went out at half 8 this morning play golf, did ma auld dear scream an shout? Nope she put him straight bed, an 's sign good Catholic marriage if he's done anything wrong God will get him, she's watching masterchef an canny be arsed. 36 27 49 O 1.237
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