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People Share Their Irrational Childhood Fears

While we miss the lack of responsibilities that came with childhood, and being blissfully unaware of the absolute shit-show that is adulthood, we don't miss the weird and debilitating fears we grappled with when we were young..Redditor u/Shay_la_da reminded us of those phobias when they asked the AskReddit community to share the ridiculous fears that tortured them as kids. While some of them are understandable (um, escalators) others are just a little more absurd. But they're all entertaining. 

funny askreddit thread about harmless things that terrified people as children | r/AskReddit u/Shay_da_la 13h Join 's harmless thing terrified as child? 31 35 32 55 27 35 41 | kalooboo 12h 27 Awards Lawn flamingos. My big sister told they could take soul if looked into their eyes so l'd run past them with my eyes covered. O Reply 17.4k
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