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Food Scams That Would Leave Anyone Feeling Betrayed

False advertising is never cool, but there's something about false food advertising that kinda next-level stings. Looking forward to a pizza and then discovering it lacks cheese or boasts just one circle of pepperoni is practically devastating. There's even a subreddit dedicated to this kind of betrayal. On r/foodscam you'll find tragic lies involving pizza, sandwiches, and even "crookies" - cookies that are woefully misrepresented in their packaging. We've put together some of the more horrifying crimes against consumers from the subreddit, but there's loads more where these come from. 

food scams and false advertising from the r/foodscam subreddit, pizza, pepperoni, funny pictures, food pictures | bun with only a small piece of bacon in it. frozen pizza with exactly three slices of pepperoni placed only where the packaging is transparent
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