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Foo Fighters Valiantly Battle Foo In Our New Favorite Memes

We love dumb memes as much as the "smart" ones, and can't get enough music memes. So you can imagine our delight when we discovered that Foo Fighters are the unlikely stars of the latest stupidly funny meme trend. This format celebrates the Dave Grohl-helmed band's valiant efforts at defeating the dangerous threat of "Foo". The absurd hilarity of the joke really jives with us, and we hope you enjoy it too. 

funny memes about the foo fighters fighting foo, dank memes, fresh memes, rock and roll | Boom! No dividers. Goodbye object labeling meme a dam labeled as "FOO FIGHTERS" stopping a body of water labeled as "FOO" from flooding a town labeled as "SOCIETY" | object labeling meme a black man labeled "THE FOO FIGHTERS" holding up a collapsed wall labeled "FOO" to protect a woman and a child labeled "SOCIETY"
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