Tumblr Thread Explains Brazilian Political Scandal Involving Evangelist Cults And Murder

We'd rather die than read about United States politics right now. But other countries? The political drama of other nation's is definitely fair game. And this week, Tumblr has provided us with some seriously juicy material. This thread introduced is to the wild tale of Flordelis, a Brazilian gospel singer, actress, adopted mother of 58 and (apparently) the leader of a very strange evangelist cult. We won't spoil it for you, but the story gets dark as hell. We're just glad it's not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden. 

Tumblr thread explains scandal of Flordelis murder, hitman, cult, evangelism, brazilian politics | this is Flordelis. She's brazilian gospel singer, congresswoman, and as just found out this week, murderer and cult leader. She became relatively famous 90s by creating this image saintly, evangelical woman around her. She had 3 biological children and had adopted 5 teenagers (one them is Anderson do Carmo, who would go on become an evangelical pastor, keep mind Those are her Kids. Why Kids“?
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