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Flex Seal Is Back With Another Meme-able Infomercial

The Flex Seal brand has birthed many memes through their energetic infomercials, and as of Valentine's Day we can add another to the roster. The company introduced their "Flex Paste" rubberized paste product on Youtube and memers were very quick to meme-ify a few moments. The memes are basically the same as their Flex Tape brethren, but memes about coping and poor solutions never really go out of style. We've put together some of our favorites but you can read more and snag the templates over at Know Your Meme.

funny memes using flex paste commercial | man standing near a barrel leaking water and smearing paste over the hole | Futuristic tech they can't explain Movie directors Nano | managers unhappy unappreciated employees PIZZA PARTY FLEX PASTE
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