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Twitter Thread Exposing Fish Fraud Is Both Eye-Opening & Revolting

We've got some seriously bad news for fish-lovers. According to a report from nonprofit Oceana, over 20% of 449 fish that they tested were mislabeled, exposing some pretty serious "fish fraud." This is a staggering percentage, especially when considering that less than 1% of fish is tested for fraud. There's a huge chance that the expensive fish you're ordering while dining out is cheap - or even, according to this related Twitter thread from a biology professor, dangerous. There are fish out there that will hurt you to eat. And, as @AwesomeBioTA's class discovered, some of this "fish" is almost too disgusting for words.

Eye-opening twitter thread about professor doing a class on fish fraud | Dr.Jen M @AwesomeBioTA Josue sequenced some red snapper put money on being tilapia and right. Someone owes 5. His lab partner, Juanni, sequenced Atlantic Salmon. Comes back as Rainbow trout. Unsurprising. Not same species AT ALL, but unsurprising.
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