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Burger King Just Released 'Real Meals' And People Are Wondering WTF Is Going On With Brands These Days

In a move that's clearly a jab at the McDonald's Happy Meal, Burger King has recently launched "Real Meals" as a part of its #FeelYourWay campaign that aims to raise awareness for mental health issues for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Is this a smart move on their part? When it comes to marketing the brand, we thinks that's a definite yes. Will it actually lead to helping people who deal with mental illnesses? Who knows! We'd love to know what you think on that matter.

And seriously, we have to ask WHAT is going on with brands on social media these days? It seems like after the Wendy's Twitter account made its sassy mark on the world, every single brand wants to get in on that saucy social media action. 

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