Memers Are Desperately Trying To Save The Internet With Net Neutrality Memes

Net neutrality seems to be endangered every six months or so, and every time the threat becomes real, sites like Reddit and Imgur overflow with related content. The concept of net neutrality is simple: preserve equal treatment for all Internet data to keep an "open Internet" alive. This means ISPS cannot slow down or charge more for viewing specific content, such as social media sites or video streaming sites. 

Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai - who was the Associate General Counsel at Verizon from 2001 until 2003 - is seeking to end net neutrality, in an attempt to restore the Internet to the way it was in the 90's. We have to ask - what's the benefit of going back in time? Mozilla agrees. The company (of Firefox fame) says "If the FCC votes to roll back these net neutrality protections, they would end the internet as we know it, harming every day users and small businesses, eroding free speech, competition, innovation and user choice in the process." Sounds enticing. 

Reddit has long been a proponent of net neutrality, and its users, as well as the users of Imgur, have been churning out memes to educate Internet users on the subject. They range from genuinely informative to crude. As memes go, they're all pretty important.

Funny and educational memes about net neutrality and Ajit Pai.
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