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Genius Thread Reimagines Stereotypical Fantasy Accents

Attention Dungeons & Dragons players and most fantasy nerds: Twitter user @djMalenfant has some important news for you. He's gone and reassigned those tired and cliche fantasy accents. Gone are the Scottish dwarves of campaigns past. In the accent's stead? Distinctly Bostonian articulation. 

Okay, don't panic. You can still botch your brogue. This thread is just for fun, and there's a lot of it. From Texan orcs to motionless radio-voiced elves, @djMalenfant hilariously reimagines the norm. And most people seem to be here for it. We've included highlights from this nerdy thread, but you can take in all the amazing replies right here.

Funny thread about reassigning fantasy accents races dungeons and dragons elves halflings | tweet by Dylan @djMalenfant Hello, everyone reassigning fantasy accents. Please adjust accordingly. Dwarves are Boston now. Please leave poor Scots be. They really don't deserve this
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