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Bored Troll Wastes Facebook Scammer's Time

If you've ever looked at your Facebook Messenger spam mailbox, you've probably seen a nice mix of scammers, creeps, and bots. We've been seen a ton of the former lately, and can't help but feel for the people who fall prey to their tactics. While most people just delete these insidious messages, others opt to have some trollish fun with the greedy scammers. Imgur user L0LiAteYourCat is one such person. After someone tried to steal from them on the messaging app, they decided to waste the criminal's time. While it's not jail or hard-hitting revenge, trolling is a lot better than nothing.

dude trolls facebook scammer who is trying to trick him into giving her money, facebook messenger | Can I send you the claiming agent Info now so that you will get in touch and claim this money too ? Thanks you! Send the monies to my house now. It will cost you $1500 before you can get this $150,000.00 deliver to you
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