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Karens Ridiculed For Making Bogus 'Face Mask Exempt Cards'

It's no secret that Karens and their counterparts across the United States are extremely upset about being forced to wear face masks to protect others - and themselves - from the dangerous coronavirus pandemic. They truly believe that it's a violation of their rights. And now they're creating laminated "Face Mask Exempt Cards" to present at businesses that require a face mask for service. 

The cards, which illegally feature the DOJ seal, claim that the carrier has a condition that prevents them from wearing a face mask. And that they are not required to disclose the condition to a business owner who questions it. The ADA has already issued a notice against the fraudulent documents on their websites, but we know that won't stop the Karens from parading the typo-ridden cards at their favorite stores and restaurants.  We hope they don't cause a new spike in cases, but for now, we'll take solace in the fact that they can't stop people on Twitter from making fun of them.

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