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Twitter Thread: The Men Of Middle Earth As Terrible Ex-Boyfriends

Finally, a Twitter thread that somehow manages to combine two of our favorite things: Lord of the Rings and talking shit about ex-boyfriends. Twitter user @AlexArellia hits the nail right on the head with these assessments, and even tacked on everyone's favorite dudes from The Hobbit  after receiving numerous requests on her viral thread. We just hope we never date anyone like any of these guys ever again.

Funny twitter thread that designates lord of the rings characters as ex-boyfriends | Alex Arrelia @AlexArrelia Legolas will not tell anyone dating so he can keep his options open steals hair products complains he sees girls wearing Thrasher tees GIF 2:56 PM 5/12/20 Twitter iPhone | Wormtongue 100% gaslighting has never changed sheets, ever Name five their songs, poseur smytriond GIF 4:01 PM 5/12/20 Twitter iPhone
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