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Redditors Are Waging A Meme War Against 'Evil Nestle' And Their Ethics

The r/dankmemes subreddit is currently overflowing with the immensely entertaining Area 51 memes, but if you scroll a little deeper you'll find some memes with a little more philosophical meat. Hiding between jokes about aliens you'll find memes that go in on Nestle for their shitty business practices and negligible ethical code. The memes are a response to a comment from Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, a former CEO and chairman of Nestle. Letmathe claimed in a 2005 documentary that calling water a human right is extreme. Pair that with allegations of stealing water, and the Nestle Infant Formula scandal and you've got cause for serious meme-age. While these memes probably won't have any impact on the multi-billion dollar company, we do have to give props to memers that use their craft to raise awareness of issues like this. Here are some of the most scathing and effective memes we've seen yet.

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