Pope Francis Memes Are Back In A Hilariously Unholy Way

Remember that heavily meme'd image of Pope Francis holding a giant Eucharist wafer in Brazil? Well, it's back in a big way.  Twitter users have been using the tiled "Please Work" meme format to make it look like the Pope is holding up something other than the body of Christ - often an object that is pretty unholy in nature. 

Though some memers have opted with some predictable "haha, the pope is doing drugs" jokes, others have gotten more creative with their imagery, going with more grisly or absurd humor. While there's been an unsurprising bit of outrage in the comments, it seems most people are enjoying the goofy and versatile meme for what it is: innocent fun. We've put together some of our favorite examples, but you can read more about the format (and its predecessor) over at Know Your Meme.

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