Dude Receives Escort's Old Number & Gets A Lot Of Interesting Texts

When an auto broker named from Scottsdale, Arizona, received a new phone number, he also received some new friends thanks to the number's former owner. Turns out that Kurt's new digits used to belong to an escort, and she seemed to have been in high demand. Customers of working girl Jaz repeatedly tried to get in touch with the sex worker, and Kurt had to let 'em all down via text. Hopefully the calls and messages are starting to die down, or he's going to have an interesting and annoying 2020. 

Funny story about a man named kurt from scottsdale arizona who receives a number that used to belong to an escort | Jaz Alan. Hi Alan! Sorry didn't reply been really busy with my career Hi my friend. Really busy with escort career golfing now so if don't respond immediately 's why know busy but l've been wanting see long time if ever available. Hope doing well! l'd love see again Well, ask and shall receive, Alan! Escort career Eek think there's misunderstanding between us, Al My name is Kurt
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