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Twitter Thread: Man Recounts Harrowing Tale Of Loss With Unexpected Plot Twists

Every pet-lover dreads the day they'll have to say goodbye to their furry friend. Well imagine the emotional rollercoaster of losing a pet and then getting them back again! @TalkingSchmidt recently tweeted about the time his family's cat was found dead...or so they thought. We won't spoil the surprise for you, but we were totally flipping out about the turn of events. Some of the hilarious reactions to @TalkingSchmidt's story deserve acknowledgement, so we've included our favorite replies from the twitter thread. 

Funny Tweets, Twitter Memes, Twitter, Dank Memes, Animals, Pets, Cats, Plot Twists | Eric Schmidt @TalkingSchmidt You guys would not believe the roller coaster of emotions I've been through | Dad got some bad news. Kitty has been missing since last night mom drove neighborhood just now, she found her street near house mom is pretty emotional so please reach out can and offer support. Oh no. So sorry hear this Sister Man. Just got off phone with her-she's definitely very broken up about Give her
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