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Twitter Users Bond Over Their Most Embarrassing Email Fails

As lovers of schadenfreude, we relish any lurid tales of embarrassing moments. And Twitter user @mo87mo87 unwittingly started a thread that gives us our favorite kind of entertainment. After sharing one of his most shameful email fails, other people were inspired to share their muck-ups, which range from hilarious to downright awkward. We've put together most of our favorites, but you can enjoy more cringey tales of e-communication over on the thread.

funny texts | tweet by Maurice @mo87mo87 most embarrassing email exchange ever had Sent an email They replied called Mautice reply with stink about my name is properly spelled and s actually really important They told check my 1st email had misspelled my own name. Paul Watson @paulmwatson Replying mo87mo87 should do Greta Oh no "Sharon" Thunberg and rename Mautice. My most embarrassing reply-all client saying client is bit huff
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