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Fresh Election Memes For Anyone Who Isn't Sick Of The Democratic Race

Warning: If you're sick and tired of reading or hearing about the Democratic primaries, this post ain't for you. Since Bernie Sanders destroyed the Nevada caucus, the media seems to be freaking out. People from both parties are freaking out. And while we're starting to feel a bit politically fatigued, we've still got the memes to bring some entertaining edge to this political nightmare. This mix of memes, while mostly devoted to Sanders (the Democratic front runner) should be able to satisfy any democrat with a taste for memes.

Funny political memes about the democratic race for the presidency, bernie sanders, socialism, michael bloomberg, russia, media coverage, election 2020, pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, donald trump | NEWS Hillary Clinton admits she feels an 'urge run against Trump again By Mark Moore January 28, 2020 10:21am Everyone disliked | political predictions have been proven wrong 763rd Time Media Russians nut button
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