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Bizarre And Seemingly Pointless Egg Craft Video Has Twitter Cracking Jokes

You've heard of long egg, now get ready for big egg. Twitter user @chipsandapopbar went viral yesterday after sharing a how-to craft video they'd found on Facebook. We're no stranger to the bizarre "life hacks" and crafts shared by Instagram and Youtube accounts. The accounts are often European, and show people how to smuggle money and USB drives, make arguably hideous crafts, and bizarre "chalk" that looks like deodorant. This particular video, which touts itself as a "5 minute craft" actually takes three days and involves dipping an egg in vinegar, maple syrup and blue dye. Why? Just to make it bigger. 

The astonishingly pointless nature of the project was an instant hit on Twitter, with users mocking the video relentlessly and meme-ing the phrase "bigger than before". We're just as puzzled as the next person, but all tweets are giving us life. This video clearly needs a part two.  

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