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Very Strange And Amusing Posts From North Korea 'Donimo's Pizza'

"Donimo's Pizza" in Pyongyang, North Korea is our favorite new Facebook account run by some seriously dedicated trolls who apparently love clams and pineapple on their pizza. Not to be confused with "Domino's pizza" in the Unite States, of course. We'll just let you take a look at the account yourselves because it really needs no further explanation - nor can we give any further explanation for that matter.

Funny posts from the Facebook page called "Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea" - meant to be a knockoff of Domino's Pizza in the United States | pizza shaped like a mushroom cloud: Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea ecstatic introduce *new* Extra Spicey Hwasong-14 Pizza, now with free ICBM delivery Unite States. Only at Donimo's! tank in a drive thru: Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea Drivings-Thru now available at establishment!
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