Barbie Gets Dark In These Self-Deprecating Memes

We're all about niche meme accounts as creativity seems to be a rarity these days in the meme world. Most people just use the trending meme formats or create content that is so basic and relatable that it is boring. This is not the case for Toronto-based @dyingbutfine. Kristel Jax, the artist and writer behind the account, has been coping with mental health struggles since 2016 - the same year she created her funny, touching, and very dark meme account. Many of the memes combine images of Barbie-esque dolls paired with dark themes such as depression and denial. We love them. If you like Jax's work, we encourage you to give her a follow on Instagram and consider donating to her Patreon. 

Funny memes from @dyingbutfine, barbie memes ,depressing memes, dark humor.
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