Kim Jong-Un Called Donald Trump A "Dotard" And It's Our New Favorite Word

September 21, 2017 will forever be known as the day the world googled "dotard." Spoiler alert: the term, which was used by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to describe Donald Trump, is not complimentary. 

The insult was hurled at the American President in response to his September 19th U.N. speech regarding North Korea. Trump threatened to "totally destroy" the Asian country, and then referred to Jong-Un as "rocket man" - all in front of the United Nations. Kim Jong-Un did not take kindly to the speech, and threatened to tame the "dotard" with fire. 

While threats of nuclear warfare are undoubtedly chilling, Twitter was far more interested in meme-ing the 14th century insult. 

Funny tweets and reactions to North Korea leader Kim Jong-un calling Donald Trump a "dotard."
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