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Fifteen Dog Tinder Bios That Make Fun Of Millennial Stereotypes

One of the worst parts about being on Tinder is that the following stereotypes about people are absolutely, 100% true. You've got the girl who "just loves the outdoors," or the dude who thinks "pizza and IPAs are life." News flash: hiking isn't that great and literally everyone likes pizza and beer. You ain't special.

If you're in need of a little change of pace, scroll through these clever Tinder bios that somewhat restored our faith in the dating game.

Funny and cute photos of dogs representing different types of people on Tinder | Chelsea, 25. Yoga instructor. Veganish Loves Whole Foods but hates bundles kale are too thick barkpost | Gage, 24, documentary film enthusiast, shares global warming articles on FB, medicinal marijuana patient, drives Prius #FeelTheBern ShitheadSteve
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