doctors hate him


Twenty-One Parody Memes That Doctors Hate

We've all seen those hilarious advertisements claiming "one weird trick that obliterates belly fat," or "the reason dermatologists hate her!" Does anyone actually fall for that sh*t anymore? Clearly someone does is if they still exist. We'll blame the Boomers for that. Now please enjoy these parody memes we're thoroughly enjoying at the moment!

Funny memes about the clickbait ads advertising "one weird trick" and "doctors hate him" | tweet by Fish @fashlifters Never get speeding ticket again 2020 with this one weird trick Municipalities hate him HAVE CORONA VIRUS | Dermatologists Hate Him! Has been 10 since 1997 Local Trainer exposes shocking anti-aging secret. Learn this one WEIRD trick his stunning results! LEARN TRUTH NOW Ash Ketchum Pokemon
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