Twitter Is Going Crazy For Ikea's 'Djungelskog' Stuffed Bear

Meet Djunkelskog, Ikea's stuffed bear that apparently became all the rage recently after @stargazeridiot tweeted, "I don't want a man I just want a Dujngelskog," along with a couple pics of the big stuffed bear. People have since been replying to the tweet with photos of their own Djungelskogs, or comments about how much they want a Djungelskog of their own. 

Now click here if you want to buy a Djungelskog of your very own for just $35 (not sponsored)!

Funny Twitter thread about 'Djungelskog,' a stuffed bear from Ikea | lily @stargazeridiot dont want man just want djungelskog DJUNGELSKOG £25 DJUNGELSKOG £25 Soft toy, brown bear Soft toy, brown bear 31 31) 3:49 AM 6/30/20 Twitter iPhone
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