difficult truths


40 'Hard To Swallow Pill' Memes That Spit Truth

As we get older, there are quite a few revelations that become clear. For example, adulthood doesn't mean you automatically figure everything out. The world isn't actually your oyster. And, of course, the truth isn't always something you can easily accept. There are a lot of difficult notions that fit into the last category. This WikiHow meme is a brilliant way for blunt memers to express those aspects of life that people may not be willing to admit. While many of these painful messages lived up to their "hard to swallow" label, they're definitely valid. And possibly a good way to throw some hints at your loved ones who can't seem to see the light. 

Hard to swallow pill memes about difficult truths, adulthood, responsibility, depression, anxiety | Some problems are own fault, and won't get better until actively do something about | dog will die one day and have bear pain
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