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PragerU's Ignorant Tweet About The Lockdown Might Just Be 'The Greatest Mistake In The History Of Humanity'

This tweet might just be the most ignorant statement in history, and we don't say that lightly. If you aren't familiar with Prager University (or, PragerU for short), it's a non-profit organization that puts out videos on various topics from a conservative perspective.

Yesterday, PragerU tweeted out a quote by co-founder Dennis Prager stating, "The lockdown is the greatest mistake in human history." That's right, apparently PragerU thinks that the lockdown is a bigger mistake than any war or atrocity ever committed by humans. 

In response, Twitter has been rightfully meme-ing and trolling the quote, and we're really liking the results.

Funny tweets making fun of a tweet by PragerU stating that "the lockdown is the greatest mistake in the history of humanity" | It's time to call it what is its | Sometimes go poop paper rips and lick my fingers see if there is poop on them. Dennis Prager
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